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CHARACTER NAME: Roman Sionis/Black Mask
FANDOM: Batman comics
CHRONOLOGY: Between Catwoman 51-52, obviously right before his death. This is post Under the Hood, and the Manbat mini did not happen as far as I'm concerned. B|

If you couldn't tell at his birth that Roman Sionis's life was not going to be that of a rich socialite, you need a lesson on symbolism. Mere minutes after birth - still covered in amniotic goo - the doctor dropped him on his head. He's probably still practicing, too, mostly because Roman's parents were much more concerned with covering up the embarrassing story than taking care of their one and only child. It's okay; Roman would get used to that pretty damn quick.

The Sionises were socialites, one of Gotham's first families; his parents were very concerned with r eputation and appearance, so all through Roman's childhood, he was forced into play dates with the Waynes' only son, Bruce. They'd been born only a few weeks apart, and the Sionises were more than eager to use that to their social advantage. Of course, they spent their time at home badmouthing the Waynes, beginning and, over the years, tremendously increasing Roman's loathing for their hypocrisy.

When he was about eight, Roman wandered out of his house and into the woods, quickly getting lost. He spent most of the day in the woods, trying to find his way home, until he happened upon a raccoon. Maybe it was from being dropped on his head, maybe it was because his favorite cartoon show starred Bandit the Raccoon, Maybe it was because he was eight and stupid, but Roman was pretty damn certain that that raccoon was Bandit, and would help him home. In his efforts to pet it, he was bitten. The rest of the day and into the night was spent wandering and hallucinating; he passed out and woke up in a hospital, and never watched Bandit the Raccoon again.

Between then and graduation, he happily saw Bruce less and less...except at school, but he was to be avoided like the plague. In any case, instead of heading off to college, Roman joined the family business in a ranking position at Janus Cosmetics. That was where he met Circe. Beautiful, amazing Circe who was just a secretary. Incredible Circe who his parents didn't approve of. Well, Roman didn't much approve of his parents. He orchestrated a fire, a night out with Circe, and was happily downing champagne as his childhood home burned to the ground with his parents inside.

Doctor really shouldn't have dropped him.

He inherited everything, including the company, and proposed to Circe - but wasn't the businessman his father was. Legality? Just not for him. He ran the company into the ground with a terrible face-paint cosmetic, and in a desperate, last ditch effort to keep the company out of hot water, Roman had Janus' scientists come up with a water proof cosmetic - and pushed it to market without proper testing. Which ended up disfiguring hundreds of women. Whoops.

Circe broke their engagement in front of the majority of their staff (the whore), and to add insult to injury, Bruce Wayne offered to bail his company out. Bruce fucking Wayne. Great. The conditions? Roman had to step down, and Wayne would appoint his own Board of Directors. Fucking brilliant. Humiliated, furious, Roman couldn't let this stand. He went to his family's mausoleum and broke apart his mother's ebony coffin. The next few days were spent carving a mask.

What he lacked in businessman capability he made up for in crime management. He found a gang, dubbed them the False Face Society - False Facers for short - and brought in the riches. Their shtick? His fellows wore a mask from his massive collection while pulling heists. Things went swimmingly - and then roman decided on revenge. Kidnapping Wayne executives, he put masks lined in the poisonous cosmetic he'd put on the market. Circe, too, was kidnapped, face mutilated. She killed herself not long after. Roman giggles about it, sometimes.

Obviously, the killings and mutilations brought Batman's attention, and he tore apart the False Facers. Bastard. Eventually, he found Roman where he'd hidden, in the wreckage of his family's home. In his desperation, Roman lit the already burnt place on fire and tried to escape, though he trapped himself in the blaze. Batman saved him (ohhh, if only Roman knew who was under that mask, he'd have died of humiliation!), but not before the mask had been burned onto his face (don't question the physics of the eighties, just roll with it).

Roman went to Arkham for some time, but eventually escaped. He brought the False Facers back together, still bent on his revenge on Wayne. He even captured Lucius Fox in the attempt, but Batman rescued him before he could be tortured. Black Mask escaped, however; at least it wasn't a total failure.

He gained a substantial amount of power as a boss in the city's underworld; then the earthquake hit. Gotham was declared a No Man's Land, not part of the country. Whatever sanity Roman may have possessed fled, and the False Facers became a cult that he led, organized around ritual scarring. He killed those that refused to join, and though Batman sent him to Black Gate, he escaped before the city left it's NML status behind.

then, of course, there was Catwoman. Ohh, Catwoman. When Black Mask moved his drug trafficking to the East End, he won her attention; she stole from him, hurt his mini-empire. And we all know how much Roman likes revenge. He found a contact, someone who knew Catwoman, someone who told him who she was. He kidnapped Selina's brother-in-law, Simon, and tortured him; then he nabbed Maggie, Selina's sister. Sweet little Maggie, who used to be a none or something, and who is really a rude bitch. Roman tortured Simon some more, and made Maggie help; she never did tell him how her husband's eyeball tasted. He's still kind of pissed about that.

Long story cut very short, Selina offered to trade places with Maggie, and managed to get the best of Black Mask. She let him fall off a fucking building, what a peach, right? People thought he was dead for a long while, but really, Gothamites should know by now: no body, no death.

When he'd recovered, it was just in time to revel as Gotham fell to hell. Gangs warred in the streets, mobs killed each other, mafias exploded - it was damned beautiful, and Roman tracked it all to Orpheus, a new player on the Gotham scene. That's when Spoiler showed up, explaining some of the plan to Orpheus - and that's when Roman slit his throat, right in front of the kid. Then he tortured her mercilessly, and really, he's still damn pissed she escaped. Brat was fun.

Stealing Orpheus' identity, he fooled Batman and Onyx and fanned the flames, driving the gangs into a frenzy. Everything came to a head when he sneaked into Oracle's Clocktower: Batman, bloodthirsty, attacked him, and Roman laughed - until the gimp bitch set off a self-destruct. Stupid woman. She forced Batman to save her, and Roman? He escaped. Of course he escaped.

And then he took power in the underworld, viciously and without question.

After that, it was all about discrediting Batman. Dressing as the big bad Bat himself, Roman committed all sorts of crimes, framing the Dark Knight. It fell apart when Joker intervened, the crazy bastard (ha, that's what irony tastes like). The two, more alike than either would care to think about, nearly killed each other until Batman got in the way. He finally caught Black Mask, but while being escorted to prison, Roman killed his guards and escaped.

His hold on Gotham was made strenuous by his stretch into Bludhaven; still, Roman held his power. Until Jason Todd as Red Hood saw fit to deteriorate it. His loathing of bazookas - namely, bazookas fired at his office building - stemmed from Red Hood. He was stolen from, made a fool of. BATMAN had to step in, and watching those two fight is a damn sight - but not quite the sight that watching them fight together is. Questionable, that.

From there, he was set on getting his power back. And, well, the East End still called to him. roman went after Catwman again, bent on tearing her down. Slam Bradley, Sam Bradley, Holly Robinson, her girlfriend - no one was safe. Roman kidnapped Slam and carved a message into his chest and stomach ('Hi, CW! THE FUN is just beginning. ;)' Yes. The wink was carved in too).

He's JUST about ready to make her life fucking miserable, and, oop, jerked out of his apartment. Roman's kinda pissed.

Cruel doesn't even begin to describe the entity that is Roman Sionis. He is sadomasochism in its highest form, refined to its purest level; assuming such things can be 'pure,' anyway. Pain has all but dominated his entire existence. Perhaps it can all be boiled down to being dropped on his head when he was born; who's to say what Roman would be like, had that shameful, oft joked about occurrence never happened? No one, obviously. He's more than satisfied with his life - though certainly there are those who'd sob and wish that that he wasn't. Those people are generally locked in basements in various buildings he owns around Gotham City, with their eyelids removed, and their tongues....reshaped. Who really cares what they think?

Honestly, Roman isn't that hard a guy to get along with; just stay far away from his bad side and know how to run very, very fast, and you're pretty much set. Oh - and make yourself invaluable to him. That's a damn good way to stay alive around Black Mask. See, Roman doesn't get attached. He doesn't do attached. He mocks attached, mercilessly. So rarely - if ever - does it bother him to kill off an assistant or six. He's on lucky number seven now, David Sutabi. Assistants aside, it amuses him to no end to murmur the sweetest things in the ear of someone whose fingernails he's removing, one by one. There's no sensation quite like the meaningless comfort you offer someone you're torturing. But it really doesn't compare to mocking a person in pain, honestly. While you're gouging out an eyeball or two, what could be better than offering to replace it with a blue and green gumball? Clearly, actually stuffing the wad of unchewed gum right in there would be greatly entertaining. But then you're wondering if you can still get a black eye without an eye...

Things tend to get messy, at that point.

Roman's a fan of torture (in case you couldn't tell). It doesn't matter who you are, either; smartass street punk, a False Facer, even one of his capos: you fuck up or he gets a better offer, and you are so screwed. Loyalty is optional, at least for him; if he doesn't get it in the utmost, however, look out. In fact, that's a good rule of thumb, practice it whenever you're around Roman. Look out. Yep. Definitely a wise decision. He's got designs on the city; see, Gotham is his. Fuck the cops. Worthless pigs can't do shit for the place. Fuck the Falcones, the Maronis, the Vitis - they're done. Gone and dead and rotting. And especially fuck Batman. A nut in a flying rodent suit isn't going to take away what he's been working toward for years, no fucking way. Gotham's going to sit in his hands within the year: Black Mask is a feared name, and it will be associated with the king of Gotham's underworld. And the Bat has a special table reserved for him in Roman's favorite dungeon.

Don't be too fooled by the overtly sadistic face Roman often presents; he can be charming. When he wants to be - it's not that hard. The Sionises were one of Gotham's first families, probably second only to the Waynes. You have to be charming to get by in Gotham's high society, even as a child; it's about as hard as the city's streets are - though not in quite the same way. Roman can be pleasant, when he makes the effort. He just....usually doesn't. Who needs to be nice when you're leading the fucking mob? There is that masochistic side of him, though. It's what allows him to be so thorough in the torture he's famous for: Roman knows what hurts, and how much it hurts, and how long a person can take it. He tends to push it further. Feels too good not to - and who doesn't want to feel good?

Roman is one sick puppy, there's no doubt in that. He doesn't like unnecessary touching. If you're (un)lucky enough to spend a night that doesn't involve pliers with him, don't expect any post-coital cuddling or pillow talk. Almost makes his skin crawl. Oh - oh. And God help you if he finds you guilty of hypocrisy. Doesn't matter how fast you run, you're dead. See, he has this utter loathing of hypocrites. Stems from his parents: in the privacy of the Sionis mansion, they spoke badly of many people, but none more so than the Waynes, their rivals in Gotham Heights. Nonetheless, they forced Roman into play dates with young Bruce; they attended the same schools, were forced to interact, though neither had any fondness for the other. Roman couldn't stand Bruce, but he hated his parents for being so two-faced. Hypocrisy is not to be tolerated under any circumstance, on pain of eye-and-thumb removal.

Really, he's easy to get on with...

CLASS: Sadomasochistic mob boss, at your service!
ALTER EGO: Roman Sionis - the family business
POWER: Roman has no canon powers besides the, uh, mask that was burned onto his face. Which isn't a power, but really, how does a wooden mask fuse to someone's face via fire? Anyway...Roman would probably be thrilled if he could turn his hands into power drills at will. Disturbingly thrilled. Along a vaguely more serious vibe, being able to heal is probably high on his list of powers to have (right under hands that turn into power drills). That way, the fun with one participant in his Basement of Entertainment never has to end. He considers that very, very important.

A Note: Western based fun.

COMMUNITY POST SAMPLE: Greedy bastard broke my power drill. How the fuck do you break a power drill? Came right off. All the times I've drilled straight into bone, and now it decides to break off. Now, I told Jimmy he damn well better reimburse me - that's what good guests do - and he just wouldn't shut up! Kept on blubbering, on and on and on. Had to get the gag, it was so annoying, and I really hate using the gags.

So get this, I'm out one perfect power drill, and don't you know it, that's when I need it most? Talk about your irony, right? So this guy in a metal suit - damn capes and their tinker toys, lemme tell you - comes on with this 'welcome to the city, hero.' Hero? Yeah, I'm a real hero all right. Should fuckin' nominate me for sainthood. My capos would (if I hadn't wasted them, anyway).

All right, I'm electing one of you snitch. Someone tell me what the fuck's goin' on here, cause I've got some business back home to take care of. CW just can't get by without me. My name's Roman Sionis, but you, my party people (you guys better be at least a little amusing), can call me Black Mask.

THIRD PERSON: He was getting bored, waiting for the poor bastard to wake up; but if he was forcibly roused, well, that would ruin half the fun. So while he waited, Roman strolled around his basement dungeon slowly, looking at tools, cuffs, items of intrigue. He started getting creative, but kept reeling himself in. This wasn't Red Hood, he wasn't gonna torture this guy's ass to death - he was just the messenger. You're not supposed to kill the messenger.

The giant of a man roused, chains tinkling. "Good. You're awake. We can get this party started." turning from the wall, Roman strolled to a table in the middle of the room, eyes on his prisoner. "Nice to see you again, by the way."

Taking off his jacket, Roman rolled his shoulders, head tilting to the side to crack his neck. Laying the suit jacket down on an empty work bench, he tapped the bloodstained counter, looking away from his new toy to run his hands over his utensils. "Before we begin, I'd like to address the topic of screaming - by saying this: go right ahead." He reached for a smock like apron; it was old, gray and worn, and the faded letters Kiss the Cook! could barely be seen. Pulling it over his head, Black Mask reached gloved hands behind him to tie it on. "Oh, I know you don't think you will. You're too tough to scream. But trust me, when I get started, so will you." Roman reached down, fondling the handle of a carving knife. "But don't worry. The walls are soundproofed. Extremely soundproofed. No one is going to hear you."

He chuckled, hand moving to run over a monkey wrench. "Well, except me, of course." Though the the structure of his face made it difficult to tell when he was smiling or not, Roman was definitely smiling now. "And gosh - I like it."

He picked up an electric screwdriver, back to his guest, as he ran gloved finger over it. "Scream. Scream your head off. Scream in pain, scream in anger, scream for mercy. Makes no difference to me." Turning, Black Mask crossed the distance to his new buddy. "Now. Let's begin."

Slam Bradley, former cop, former lover to one Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman; better known as Catwoman. More interesting as Catwoman. Roman had planned to bring Holly Robinson back here, planned to really cut her up, go for some seventeenth century French water torture shit. Drinking to the point of cellular explosion? He always wanted to try that. But then Bradley had to come along, and the deal just got so much sweeter. The physicality of a victim makes a big difference in what can be done to them, really. And Bradley provided a much bigger expanse for message leaving.

He did scream; eventually, they all scream. It was Roman's favorite part, really, the sound of it, the emotion that went into it. There was nothing more satisfying. So as he carved his message into Bradley's chest and stomach with a soldering iron, Black Mask grinned to listen. When he finished, the poor old bastard had passed out, but that didn't stop Roman from squirting a bit of lime juice into those open wounds; Slam woke up and the screaming renewed while Roman observed his handiwork.

'Hi CW! THE FUN is just beginning. ; )'

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